My Story


Was it the first time I was airborne in an Air Force Sea Sprite? The overwhelming feeling of appreciation of the perspective it gave me to reflect on my life, how big and wonderful our planet is. Or was it walking through the streets of Istanbul? On a mission to uncover its true, raw, natural beauty. Somewhere along my travels, I uncovered my own personal journey, one that would rekindle the joy and love that I found in writing, back in my high school years to share my experiences and travels with the world through a blog (my own electronic diary- that can read by all).

How Beethoven’s 5th Symphony, combined with the right amount of keyboard tapping and pencil or pen scratching against paper, always seemed to light a fire inside my mind, that could not be started any other way. I have an intense gratification from inspiring others and my life long fulfilling need to give back to our world that holds a limitless amount of opportunities, I aim to share with you all. Sometimes all you need is the right inspiration, a few photographs of the right topic and a little fuel to help someone get the ball rolling.

My blog will vary from travel experiences and lifestyle, inspiration, motivation, education, food and fitness.

It’s me, Te Ana, your wholesome foodie, lifestyle educator and personal trainer. My ultimate goal is to inspire you and give back to this beautiful world that we live in. If you shall think of any questions, queries or topics that you would like me to blog about or shed some advice on, please feel free to contact me and I shall endeavor to reply to you as soon as possible.